Discipled Men & Women of Wisdom 

          Manifesting Men & Women of Wisdom through Prayer, Process & Proverbs.


Living Out Loud With Ordered Steps 

Loving every step of the journey

Summer 2017 Steps

July 1, 2017 God said go to Missouri. You will find family healing there. I was living in Texas. I could not afford a blank trip. I had no clue where I would stay. I had no idea how I support my family on such an unplanned trip. God said, step out into TRUE FAITH! I will light your path. This is the time to test your trust in me. Take each step into the unknown with the amazing KNOWN. Then he asked me to document the steps good and bad on social media so that man could read the epistles you are leaving at any time and gain faith to believe in God and glorify the father. I SAID YES.

Focus Forward

A City on a hill

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