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Community Commitment Prayer Chains

We Believe the two most important elements of

a thriving and healthy COMMUNITY are


In troubled times, we call on God! BUT in II CHRONICLES 7:14 GOD is calling on ​OUR PRAYERS​!
~Lady Flora 

It is our belief that an outbreak of  sin brings a curse upon the land. When there is immense vengeful and spiteful death in an area (whether gang related, suicide, family violence etc.), we believe that the waters (city) needs salt (salvation) as spoken of in II Kings 2:20,21.  We are called to go in and salt the waters of these cities. Our mission is to come in and gather church leaders to UNIFY and come together in obedience to II Chronicles 7:14 to pray over the city. 

After offering Living Water (salvation) and the Bread of Life (the word of God), we offer a time to commune and break natural bread with you (Free Community Luncheon). We connect with your local businesses as well.

It is our MISSION to:

Our MISSION is to:

Our overall PURPOSE is to pray, show troubled citizens a process to overcome natural roadblocks (make connections with local churches, businesses), and offer online bible study courses, 24 hour prayer lines, counseling and advocates here at The Men & Women of Wisdom Missions & Outreach.

We believe that MOST people generally want to do good. Some people just don't have the tools or they don't have anyone to teach them to use the tools they have. Some have fallen on bad times and depression holds them bound. Any one of us can find ourselves there in a matter of days. From the owners of fortune 500 companies to postal workers...we have all struggled to hold on to what we consider consistency.

We are commissioned by God to fill the gaps by praying, teaching, advocating and being examples of  God's love through giving of ourselves for the greater common good. As we obey God's will, we believe that he will provide the increase to make members of your communities thrive, grow and blossom into more happy, productive, goal-driven members of your community and our society as a whole.

This will increase your churches, your business potential and the reputation of your cities as God keeps his promise to heal the land.


2016 Community Prayer Chain Reflections  
Sikeston, Missouri 

Our First Annual Community Prayer Chain Event was held in Sikeston, Missouri. The Men & Women of Wisdom enjoyed praying with, ministering to, sharing with, and speaking with all of the wonderful members of the Sikeston community

The City officials accommodated us for our prayer chain location access. Pastor Lynn and Pastor Mike from the Ministerial Alliance in Sikeston committed to joining us in the organization of the local churches to make the prayer chain.


Sister Fannie (Song Bird) Campbell of Pflugerville, Texas traveled into Sikeston to lead us into praise and worship. Fannie has served as a board member on the Board of Directors for The Men and Women of Wisdom since June 2016.

Pastor Tresie Lopez traveled in from Memphis Tennessee traveled into Sikeston  to share a word from the Lord. 

Elder & Sister Desmond and Jasmine Green of Sikeston brought their family and friends to join us. Desmond Green also lead us into  prayer. 

Pastor Garrett & Sister Lula Harrell brought their family. Pastor Harrell shared a word from the Lord. Brother Jerry and Sister Nichelle also ministered in song. 

Sisters Donna and Jumeica ministered a great word and testimony of healing and deliverance to the ladies.


After morning prayer, a FREE community luncheon was provided by Brother Keith Gibson of Sikeston.
Gibson's team sponsored the meal preparation and services for the luncheon at the park.  
Local Businesses offered job opportunities.
We are extremely grateful to Walgreens, and the other local businesses who offered job opportunities and giveaways to the prayer chain and luncheon participants as well. 

Pastor Mike Kabia of It's Your Time Ministries traveled in from Washington, D.C. to minister to the people. He led the morning prayer over the city and brought the Word of God at the Free Community Luncheon. We honor his service and commitment to God's work. He sowed his time and talent into the 2016 Prayer Chain Events. We consider him a true man of God that puts the needs of God's people first.

Pastor Kabia ministers to hundreds of people across the world, in prayer on a daily basis. His prayer line is open to the public. He is sold out to God and invested in kingdom work. You can access him through his Facebook or Periscope Pages @ Mike Kabia. He has a fresh, rhema word every morning and his prayers are uplifting and encouraging. Join him for prayer weekday mornings at 7am central time. 6am eastern time. You'll be glad you did!
We look forward to serving YOUR city or community at our next annual prayer chain. Email us for more information. Join us in our effort to be an extension of God's hands in the earth to serve a lost and dying generation, leading all back to the word of God as it is written in I Thessalonians 5:17 to pray consistently and in I Chronicles 7:14 to turn from wickedness and pray for God to heal the land. GOD BLESS!

Introducing The Men & Women of Wisdom's 
"Godz Guyz N Girlz"

WE BELIEVE PREPARATION IS THE KEY TO ANY GOOD SOLDIER. The Men & Women of Wisdom start to teach and encourage our youth early according to the Word of God in Proverbs 22:6. Our youth group ages 13-18 is called 

Godz Guyz N Girlz. They work for God and witness to friends and schoolmates about God.

WE BELIEVE PREPARATION IS THE KEY TO ANY GOOD SOLDIER. The Men & Women of Wisdom start to teach and encourage our youth early according to the Word of God in Proverbs 22:6. 

Our youth group ages 12 -21 is called Godz Guyz N Girlz. They work for God and witness to friends and schoolmates about God. Godz Guyz N Girlz also have access to the online study tools, games, etc. with the community commitment contract or the ID # of a parent.

Meet Godz Girl
GOSPEL RAP Public Relations

Meghan is a ride or die soldier. She is a Godz Girl in training.
She is in her life process. She is learning that living for God is not dull and boring. 
Living for God is a thrill and adventure every day.

She explains that getting up, putting on armor, fighting the flesh and building the spirit is like a workout  challenge to her.

She says, fighting for other souls is a daily, hourly and consistent thrill.  Working towards something greater than yourself on a team of people who care and dedicate their lives to serving others is mentally, physically, and intellectually stimulating.

She shares God's love and salvation through lyrical trilogy in her gospel rap renditions. She enjoys meeting and collaborating with new up and coming artists as well as veterans in the Gospel Rap arena such as LeCrae and Flame.

You will see Meghan introducing gospel rappers at the free luncheons that we sponsor/organize in your cities during the Prayer Chain Events. 

If you are a gospel rapper that would like to volunteer or sow your services into this ministry, you may contact Meghan at the Men & Women of Wisdom email address or phone number listed above

MEET Godz Guy:

Information Technology Support

Jeremiah is a true soldier and Godz Guy from conception. The enemy tried to take him out in the womb. His name was given from a standing on God's word in Jeremiah 1:5. "I knew you before I formed you in the womb".
When he was born, not breathing, he fought for his first breath and has been breathing, living, and moving in Christ ever since.

He is a delight to all Teachers and leaders that he comes across. He is considered gifted and talented in school. His heart for others makes him a perfect fit for the team as he is an example of how God can even use a child that is yielded to him in obedience.

His hands are blessed. He has dedicated his gifts and talents to the work of the Lord and he is helping the ministry to reach as many people as possible through information technology, radio, and television production.
He will be assisting with church/community connections when we visit your town.  He will also assist with any technical issues you may encounter with online study courses in the future. 

Introducing Men & Women of Wisdom's
"Kingz Kidz"

The Men & Women of Wisdom also share the love of Jesus with the small ones according to the word of God in Matthew 19:14 and Luke 18:16 when Jesus commanded us to let the little children come to him.

Our children ages 11 and under are called "Kingz Kidz". 

They learn Proverbs by quoting scriptures and sword drills. They sing songs of quotes from Proverbs as well. Children of the community members with community commitment contracts will have access to the songs, games, scriptures, coloring pages available on the website under Kingz Kidz.

These pages can only be accessed with the Commitment Contract ID #