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Ladies In Waiting
Support Group & Talk Show

We Don't Get Bitter. We Just Get Better!

Support Group

We are a support group that was birthed as an answer to some of the most prevalent needs of most communities.

Ladies are most often the caretakers. Often left with children, while in survival mode, you have the weight of providing, caring for and everything in between. 

Coming up short, trying to bare the load of two, may leave you feeling small with self esteem issues. Our support group leads you to the word of God to find your worth. 

Ladies in Waiting gives you the opportunity to meet ladies in the community that you can look up to and aspire to be like. You will also meet other ladies who are where you are... as well as those who have been where you are and can now testify that they made it out with God's grace and the support of other ladies like themselves. 

We also offer referrals to necessary agencies, such as job resources, housing resources, financial planning, church homes, etc. to provide you with the extra support you need to give you that bridge you may need to get you to your God ordained purpose in your life.

Talk Show

The Original Ladies in Waiting Talk Show began as a social media talk show premiering on FB Live for the first time January 30, 2017.

It has since began posting prerecorded shows for YouTube and Facebook as well as producing and submitting shows for broadcast with Austin Public Access Channels 10,11, and 16.

The show highlights women in the community who have overcome adversity to become business owners, successful business leaders for their companies, church leaders, and ladies who survived abuse and began organizations to prevent abuse as well as men and companies who provide services to help support the success of the ladies we assist at Ladies in Waiting.
The show also has "soul food" night where we highlight different Pastors, Ministers, Missionaries, and Evangelists ministering the word of God to restore the ladies that we assist. There is also a guide to the Online Bible Study Courses once a week as well.

Ladies in Waiting Goals

Our CURRENT GOAL is to create and fund P.I.L.L.O.W. (Preventing Industrious Ladies from Losing Opportunities to Work) HOMES. 

These homes will be designed for single mothers who are working full time jobs with a steady income for at least the past year, who find themselves in situations of abandonment of a spouse or roommate. These families often end up homeless, living in cars, and no options due to a broken lease that could not be avoided with the loss of the abandoning person's income. Sometimes, these situations lead to the loss of employment as well. 
Our desire is to provide at least a soft landing (P.I.L.L.O.W.) for these ladies to recover.

These ladies will be required to commit to a Community Commitment Program of Prayer, Process and Proverbs. 
We are in need of a 5 bedroom house that will accommodate 4 families (women and children) and a house parent.