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Our Visionary

The Spiritual Biography of Flora (Lady Flora) Parker

God knew Flora Wiggins-Parker before she was formed in the womb, where she was sanctified and ordained by God (Jeremiah 1:5).  The vision of “The Men & Women of Wisdom/Ladies in Waiting Support Group & Talk Show", that God has now given Flora was written upon her heart and into her life story before she ever knew her name. Satan got wind of this vision and the abundant life God had ordained for Flora. So, he set out to steal Flora from her mother's womb by killing Flora and destroying her mother with one fiery dart (St. John 10:10).

Flora's mother, Margie was hit by a train and thrown from her car while pregnant with Flora. What Satan did not know was that God had angels encamped around Margie. As the train approached and hit the car, Margie was thrown from her car. In the spirit realm, the angels actually lifted Margie from the car and swiftly placed her on the ground, so that she was not dashed against the stone (Psalms 91:11,12). Months later, Flora was born to Margie & her husband, Louis Wiggins.

This baby was miraculously healthy and completely whole (stunning the doctors and her parents). She came out with what her father described as, a smile that was spiritually connected to her heart. Her mother said her smile was created to draw people to Christ (who had just saved her life for a great purpose). Her mother, Margie dedicated and baptized her. She put Flora in Sunshine Band (a class that teaches small children about God), Purity Class (class that teaches teens about God), YPWW (Youth Class), Green Memorial Bible Institute & College (A college level class offered at our church) and everything possible to watch over the gift in Flora that she knew existed.

Filled with the word of God and adapting to the awesome feeling of classroom settings, Flora gained a love for education. She soon realized her gifted calling to teach. She began teaching Bible School and Sunday School. After graduating, she began teaching in Christian Schools. She began teaching in the Sikeston Public School system in 2010 in the state of Missouri where she was born. She later moved to Texas and(as of 2017) is in her fourth year of employment with a local School District in Texas.

After graduating from high school, Flora wanted to get out from under (what she described as) the tedious rules and regulations of her parents who knew something she did not know. The Devil had been out to kill Flora since before she was born. She moved twelve hours away. Satan lay in wait of her very soul.

Having been sheltered for seventeen years, she had gone out in a hurry as a (purpose filled) sheep for slaughter (Romans 8:36). She wanted to experience something she was not allowed to experience at home. A boyfriend to love her and share with her the beautiful thing she knew to be love. She had only seen this form of love through the eyes and heart of her parents who were together her whole life. What she experienced on her own journey was quite the opposite. She didn’t understand what her parents were saying when they told her she wasn’t ready to go out on her own. All her other brothers and sisters had moved the day they graduated. So, she wanted to do the same. She was of age. So, her parents reluctantly allowed her to move 12 hours away. Naive, inexperienced, timid, shy, and ignorant of the devices of Satan (II Corinthians 2:11), she was spiritually torn to shreds. God came to rescue her and put the pieces back together...not once, twice, or three times. But, God came to her rescue time and time again. He never left her. He would never forsake her (Deuteronomy 31:6). She began to notice that no matter how many times she messed up, he still loved her. every time she ran to him to cast her cares on him, he still cared for her (I Peter 5:7).

There was a particular relationship that stands out in her journey. This was not just any horrible and heart wrenching relationship. This was a relationship assigned to her straight from the pits of hell to kill her. She was consistently pursued and chased by this man and made to feel like she was loved, adored, wanted and needed. Inside, she knew something wasn’t right. But, she had her spiritual guards down, looking for the true love she never had the opportunity to experience. Giving in and opening her heart to this man allowed the enemy to access a point of rejection inside of her that still existed from the very first failed relationship she had experienced. It had been growing like a cancer with each failed relationship she endured. It silently affected her self esteem and character. She settled for less than she knew she deserved in order to feel true love from someone...anyone. The familiar spirits within this man were released within forbidden, unhealthy soul ties. They began to wrap around the deep rooted rejection and build a stronghold of fear and rejection inside her.. At that point she was in too deep and began to compromise her moral and spiritual values. When she tried to break loose, the man began to strike out in anger. He not only left her. But, he left her financially, spiritually, and emotionally broken.

She was lost. She felt alone, even in rooms full of people. She felt dead inside. Rejection was a familiar place for her. So fortunately, the one thing she held dear and knew, was that the only place to run was to God. She didn’t consider drugs, alcohol, meaningless sex, or anything but getting to a house filled with corporate praise and worship to fall on her face before her GOD.  

December 31, 2015, at a New Year’s Eve watch meeting service, Flora was too ashamed to even pray. She found herself just crying to God in a heavenly language. Then she heard God speak in a resounding voice. He said,  “Enough is Enough”! She felt the arms of the Holy Spirit embrace her and begin to minister to the purpose that was buried deep beneath her pain. As the spirit called out to the purpose that God put there when he created her, she began to breathe ruach (winds from the Holy Spirit). The spirit kept saying “New Year meet New Flora”.   

She went home new. God had changed her from the inside out. She was no longer the old Flora. So, when she left church and walked into her home, a spirit she had not recognized before, was very visible and apparent to her now. It was a spirit of depression. It was left in her home by the man with whom she had previously shared soul ties. She was not the same. So, the spirit could not access her spirit. But, it didn’t want to leave her home. She called on the elders, anointed her home and children and fasted and prayed for three days straight.

After three days, her home was filled with God’s glory and an afterglow that still lingers there to this day. God began to minister to Flora daily. She fell in love with God and got to know God in a way she had never known existed. She had learned ABOUT God all her life. At the age of 46, she realized that she knew all about this God  that she never got to KNOW personally. As she began to hunger and thirst after God, he filled her completely (Matthew 5:6). God began to share with her in the wee hours of the night and very early morning hours. Each time he ministered to her, he emphasized his love for her. He let her know the pain was never allowed as punishment. The pain was allowed because it was the only path to her purpose. She was filled with gratitude, praise, and a feeling of debt. She wanted to do something to say thanks for all he had done for her. He said, “Will you LIVE OUT LOUD for me?”. She was honored at the request. It was not easy. But, she was always reminded of God’s words that ministered to her about her purpose being beyond her pain. It gave her courage as she went forth and obeyed his every command closely.

During this time, in the year of 2016, Flora began to give birth to several ministries that God had planted within her before she was born. She began to realize that all those men didn’t hate her. She began to absorb the truth in the fact that we should love our neighbors purely and unconditionally, no matter what (Mark 12:31). Flora noticed that the pain was from the spiritual babies growing and moving and getting ready to come forth. The positioning of the first baby to crown was quite unfamiliar as it was her first spiritual birth. It was very painful. However, she remained mindful of the purpose behind the pain. Flora began to feel the new thing God was doing within her, as the well of living water began to flow from her belly (John 7:38). The intimacy with God had caused Flora’s mind to be renewed. She began gradually transforming by the word of God placed in her from her youth (Romans 12:2). As the words flowed from her, propelled by the ruach winds of the Holy Spirit, she pushed with all her might.

Flora found the will and strength to push, in knowing that our fight is not with those who do evil against us. We all fight the same forces of evil against our own lives. Each person's fight is with the one who tries to plant the evil deeds in our hearts and who planted the evil deeds they fell prey to, within them (Ephesians 6:12). In this revelation, Flora found the power within to forget the memories that would make her BITTER (Philippians 3:13) and embrace the GREATER within her to become BETTER! (I John 4:4).

One of the spiritual babies that came forth from Flora is the vision for a “Ladies in Waiting Support Group & Round Table Discussion Talk Show”. The vision includes a talk show that includes interviews with ladies who are survivors of physical, psychological, and emotional abuse, Ministers, Elders, Business Owners, ladies who specialize in fields of support in the areas of Psychology, Counseling, Self Help, and Motivational Speaking, who our audience can connect with for mentoring, assistance, referral and other help in their local areas. The talk show began as a Facebook, Periscope, and YouTube Production. Flora says this baby is much like Jabez. It was born of pain and sorrow. It began small. But, it’s purpose that cried out from within it, has caused God to say to Flora, I will enlarge this baby’s territory and bless it indeed for your obedience in enduring the pain to bring forth this purpose. The talk show and support group fall under the umbrella of The Men & Women of Wisdom Outreach Ministries. 

The purpose of The Ladies in Waiting Support Group & Round Table Discussion Talk Show is to support, enlighten, and encourage hurting women. We want to reach out to ladies who have suffered, are suffering or possibly will suffer at the hands of men who have been deceived into doing the work of the enemy. Ladies who have suffered a loss of self-esteem, identity, and even their Christian walk, who need to know they are not alone, they don’t have to settle for less, and most importantly that Jesus still loves them.

The show has recently given way to a brother show called Men of Valor which will support the rehabilitation of abusive men who are willing to enter into a community commitment agreement and go through the process of The Proverbs Bible Study Course as a part of their own Round Table Discussion Talk Show.

The spiritual womb of our visionary is very fertile with the word and deeds of God. We appreciate your time consideration and support to assist us in advancing the Kingdom of God, making an uncommon impact on our generation through the unconditional love of Christ.